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Amped-Up! Electric Rides: All-Electric, Fun Vehicles, Store Opens in Hadley, Massachusetts

A Vents Magazine article on Amped-Up! Electronic Rides.

Has anybody stopped to think about how much of our lives is spent pumping gas? Ten minutes at the pump, once a week, for fifty years means 433 hours of our lives is spent gassing up. That’s not counting those who drive for a living, stopping at gas stations twice a week, or daily, to gas up their vehicles! There’s no better feeling than never having to stop for gas, especially with today’s fuel prices…

While everyone’s talking about electric cars and electric bicycles, Amped-Up! ELECTRIC RIDES in Hadley, Massachusetts is talking a new language. Amped-Up! is a full-time dealer, offering all-electric scooters (both sit down and standing), electric sport bikes and electric choppers, as well as self-balancing electric unicycles, skateboards, camping scooters, golf scooters and all-electric farming scooters. There’s something for everyone at Amped-Up! ELECTRIC RIDES, and they can ship machines to 48 states.

Amped-Up! sells electric scooters and motorcycles of different speed variations and distance. Amped-Up! has made it easy for customers to obtain specific power variations, models and colors due to the numerous connections Amped-Up! has abroad. The store opened May 7, 2022. Everyone knows it takes a long time to import product into the USA. Some of the electric vehicles are still in transit. That being said, anyone interested in getting an electric scooter, motorcycle or skateboard should get them soon, while supplies last. Orders are being submitted regularly, so if there’s a specific motorcycle, skateboard, scooter or color you’ve been wanting, Amped-Up! ELECTRIC RIDES is the go-to store for fun, electric vehicles nowadays.

I was impressed by the beautiful colors of the choppers lined up inside the store. I was inspired to take a picture. The owner of the store, Diane Kirby, ran a sport bike for me, which was displayed on a stand, that she uses to show potential customers the ease of operation and the quietness of electric vehicles. I was taken aback! I virtually wasn’t sure the machine was running; until I saw the back wheel, up in the air, doing 75mph. No more clutches, shifting gears or co-ordination are required. No more tune-ups, grease, oil and filter changes, fouled spark plugs. No fuel stops! Electric machines are truly maintenance free, and inexpensive compared to their gas-guzzling counterparts. Electric scooters and motorcycles offer quick acceleration at the twist of a wrist. If anyone ever wanted a motorcycle, but doesn’t know how to ride one, or is simply unable to ride one safely, electric scooters and motorcycles can fulfill one’s desires. They are so cost-effective to operate, with NO maintenance required! Amped-Up! ELECTRIC RIDES is on the right track, offering electric vehicles to the US market. The future is here, today.

You can check out their website at or call us (413-387-0070) Wednesday – Sunday with questions about particular vehicles. Diane Kirby, owner of Amped-Up! ELECTRIC RIDES has over 30 years of motorcycle mechanics and riding experience under her belt. She graduated from American Motorcycle Institute (in Daytona Beach, FL) in 1993, and is a Certified motorcycle mechanic, specializing in Kawasaki motorcycles. She decided it was time to jump on board and become “The Next Big Thing”. Woman-owned motorcycle shops are not found every day. And electric vehicles are here to stay. Why not treat yourself to the most modern technology and designs, affordably? Give yourself a break from the pump. Contact Amped-Up! ELECTRIC RIDES. You will be introduced to some beautiful, low-maintenance, fun rides!

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